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sheila stanley-powell 17 Jun 2007

interesting, how, if you focus on specific spots the edges are hard edged and angular and yet when you view the over-all pic it has a fluid feeling to it. great job!

Sharon Randall 04 Jun 2007

This is a very beautiful work of art....Ienjoy the use of colored pencil to show character as well as lights and darks....the colors are definantely calm....making the character seem very much real....

Renata Cavanaugh 15 Apr 2007

Excellent work Stephanie

Hassan Pasha 08 Apr 2007

that is beyond words .. infact all of your art work is beyond words ... she is awesome .. you ever tried printing her on to a White tshirt .. would look ravishing .. try it and lemme know . i would buy it immidiately ... she would sell like hot cakes trust me ... Fabulous man .. you have a mind of a genious

Patrick Boyle 04 Mar 2007

very beautiful and very creative!! wonderful work Steph!!!!!