MiG-21 Bis

MiG-21Bis 'ACM training colours' Flying Lances Sqn.15 Indian Air Force.One of my latest ac.Chose this bird cos i just couldnt take my eyes off its fin!


Anonymous Guest

anirban bora 19 Nov 2007

brilliant staff

Anonymous Guest 27 Aug 2007

Sir , please tell me about your paper choice. I am seriously dying to make a perfect model. paper choice may bring some good flow of hand

Anonymous Guest 27 Aug 2007

So clean models. Gr8 , i jsut want to increase the number of comments and want to flood it in your praise. Alas i am at rookie stage not even able to build a perfec concord. I think i quoted earlier that till now i have build concord with tilted wings.. lolz.. ^-^

Anonymous Guest 27 Aug 2007

Awesome sir. Awesome