I did not antagonize this snake. It looks like I got to close to him, but I did not notice him until he had already opened his mouth. That is natures way of saying, "Leave me Alone." I took a picture and promptly let him be. 153mm f2.8 1/100th iso 200


Anonymous Guest (IP:

M Smith 12 Jun 2011

Yeow! Nice shot!

Vincent von Frese 23 May 2010

It says it all! Cottonmouth like all other unscientific local snake names were based on first impressions. I've had these for "pets" and found them to be docile. I think this may have been a pregnant female. They have live birth without eggs.

Renata Cavanaugh 01 Feb 2007

Awesome capture

Christine brand 31 Jan 2007

excellent shot...glad you are ok!