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ok this is fan are from cyborg 009 (yes i like it -every zelda fan knows about the animator-) =D ITS ARTIMUS FROM MY FAVRIT EPISODE(at least i think her name was artimus...) wel FYI, it was on last friday whith the other cyborgs that thought they were gods.......O.o they always kill my favrit character! WHY!?! she was the only one who understod.......~o~;


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Anonymous Guest (IP: 20 Dec 2006

thats really good!

Rebecca Tan 29 Jul 2006

Great drawing Jess! You should colour it in!! It would look more great!! ^.^

Jamie Corcoran 14 Nov 2004

omg! It's so hard to find cyborg 009 fanart and it's only the best show on this side of the hemisphere! This is awesome! Artimus is deffinetly one of the best characters! Jet is my personal fav! Beautiful work!~

jessica robbins 05 Aug 2003

>.> im not gonna ink her in ya know she looks much better in pencil SHES MY BEST!!! and i got higher rateings on my crappy ones O.o

Anonymous Guest (IP: ) 04 Aug 2003

i liked artimus too. as soon as i saw the pic i recognized her....i like the drawing