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Diptych 2 panels 48" x 84" each. Total size is 4' x 14' Originally, this painting was intended to be one large piece but before I even committed my final design in that format to canvas, It was proposed to me to paint the large piece for a client who was wanting to include a large piece of my work in his collection. Of coarse I was glad to have a buyer before being anywhere near done, however, the client had a special request... asking if I would consider making the piece a Diptych, that would visually work if displayed apart for a while until an adequate space was ready to display the pair together in their home. At first I was reluctant to split what I had wanted to be one rather monumental painting but as I played with the concept and design that was brewing, I came to the conclusion that this request to divide the painting into two parts could work with the concept that was developing for the painting. The experience served to be a lesson for me in the benefits of being flexible and adaptive. My intention for this painting was to depict a process of life. To show how all living things must eventually flow through integration of the many varieties and species on our planet, including our own. Despite the divisions and resistance to integration and the sometimes head to head conflicts that can arise. it is a force of evolution, that in time (if we "humans" survive long enough) will likely dissolve our differences, fusing humanmankind within the melting pot into one species. In my painting, there are two pairs of a beautiful but “highly debated” hybrid species of Koi that some say was developed and breed primarily in the Western world. They are known as “Butterfly Koi”. However beautiful, their variety is considered a “mongrel breed” and is not recognized or considered a true “Koi” variety among the traditional Koi connoisseurs. Despite having a similar genetic heritage they are not considered to be worthy of any reference to the “true” Koi varieties in the East.”. To me, they symbolize our indifference to difference, and the reluctance to accept change or integration. As with any outcasts, they swim against the flow of the majority, starting a flow pattern of their own. When you consider the fact that all Koi varieties were born from the same rare genetic flaw of the brown or grey carp, it is hard to fathom that a “different” or “new” variety would be rejected and shunned and not celebrated. I always hoped that one day I would be able to present this image in the alternate "Wide Screen" version as it was originally intended. A large 34" x 120" and more moderate 24" x 84" print are now available.

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Anonymous Guest

Brandi Wilson 01 Jul 2007

Wonderful concept and beautiful painting. Great insight.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 03 Jun 2007

how much?

Cynthia DeMaio 08 Feb 2007

BEAUTIFUL work Terry.

Nancy Woolweber 20 Jan 2007

Very very lovely.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 19 Jan 2007

Very nice. I like the coloring, shadows and flow of the piece.