Kitsune - Japanese Fox Woman

Kitsune fox spirit was drawn with ink, scanned into photoshop 6 and colored using textures. As always, you may use my artwork for any NON PROFIT things (like saving it on your computer/posting it on a website) as long as my name is credited on any full or cropped images. Thank you, Kimberly Crick :)


Anonymous Guest

Tim Linville 28 Mar 2014

A Beautifully Expressed Theme,Kimberly!I love the Colorwork!

Kukua Akumanyi 23 Dec 2006

Wow this is a stunnig image... very beautiful... and while there is still a day left have a very Merry Christmas.

Terry Bassett 23 Dec 2006

Super image Kimberly.. love the clarity of line and colour..:-)

thea walstra 23 Dec 2006

Beautiful work Kimberly

bianca 23 Dec 2006

its sure is pretty