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I s this Art for Govany Artist orginal or Not?

friend bought this art and its signature for artist govany for prinsses KRISTINA Is It Orginal or not? i WANT WE KNEW Is this Art for Govany Artist orginal or Not? WELCOME FOR U COMMENTS


Anonymous Guest

John Enright 02 Dec 2006

your camera has not judeged the distance between the lens and the actual surface of the oil painting. The frame is in perfect focus and the art is much lighter and out of focus. so I would say that the art was photomechanically placed inside. if not. You might need a better camera shot. the painting is a copy of course. the hands and arms give it away. sorry. Just my thoughts from this photo.

Patrick Boyle 21 Nov 2006

looks like a forgery to me still a nice apinting though

Alberto D'Assumpcao 18 Nov 2006

Look at the floor! The perspective is not correct!