Love is....

Autumn breezes tease a forgotten swing, draped from ancient hoary oak arms, swaying haplessly to and fro; The pendulum enacts long remembered motion, of a thousand rides, now just a whisper, on the winds; Verdant grasses encompass a bared to earth patch, where little feet once dredged, for safety; Its a Beautiful Thing Youre a beautiful thing What is it? It is Love.. ----------------------------- excellent print for any wall decor:) ----------------- THANKS EVERYBODY WHO MAKE THIS SHOT TOP TEN

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Anonymous Guest

Tabitha Borges 15 Nov 2006

stunning work.....

Renata Cavanaugh 14 Nov 2006

Gorgeous image and words Kostas

Lucia Stewart 14 Nov 2006

EXCELLENT job on this piece Kostas!!!

epsylon lyrae 14 Nov 2006

Very delicate...I like it!

Elton Houck 14 Nov 2006

raging purple across the sky..great imagery and motion...Nice work!!!