Got Gas?

(c)2006 First of all this is not my joke, I took it from an add at an Arco gas station. To wit the copyright of this idea belongs. But the artwork is all mine. This took me several hours to create, but it lasts for less than thirty seconds. I have always had a deep appreciation for the old animators of the past. The body of classics they created speak well of their talents and should never be forgotten or lost. The Disney films are first in many peoples minds,...but to me Max Fletcher's early Popeye cartoons stand out. And the Superman series of cartoons of the 30's still impress me to this day. And not to be considered a snob,...I give a big hats off to Hanna Barbera for almost single handedly creating and keeping alive the animation "industry" that made many Saturday morning kids happy and entertained with a whole cast of characters rivaling those old favorites of Disney and Warner Brothers. Today, technology makes it possible for almost anyone to be an animator. :o)

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Tabitha Borges 20 Nov 2006

this si wonderful and the detail wow....

William Boyer 16 Nov 2006

keep them comming

C DeMaio 13 Nov 2006

Excellent work my friend, and the old cartoons are the best!

Jay Amatangelo 13 Nov 2006

I'm a huge fan of the "old style cartoons" too. spent every sat morning watching them, and still do. Great work I know how much time goes into animation. That was my minor at school. Computers make it a lot easier then the old drawings by hand. I still like both ways. Great work here as always!

Jessica Xu 11 Nov 2006

Love your style, Gregg. How do you make it animated?

Artist Reply: Thanks Jessica for your comment. I use a British made graphics program called Revelation Natural Art. It has many easy tools to use, but my favorite is the animation section.