Ma lai

Ma lai, meaning flower is a beautiful Faery spotted in the lush forests of THAILAND. Captivated by the intense green around me, the sweet smell of the earth and the thick moisture in the air, I felt a bit lightheaded, not realizing the familiar feeling come over me, butterflies were fluttering in my stomach, my hands begun to my excitement, I realized faeries were in my presence. I couldnt believe it, I felt memorized. I knew I couldnt look for them, they had to appear on their own, I sat on the moist earth closed my eyes, and lost all thought, flickering Lights appeared beyond my eyelids, I suddenly became very warm and relaxed. My eyes felt heavy; I opened them and then GASP! There it was, kneeling ever so proudly on a mushroom, Tiny, Beautiful, Exotic, her eyes locked mine, and what struck me was, her wings, electric blue! Among all this green, I found it odd. Faeries usually adapt to the colour of their environment, this one wanted to be seen. I thought I would burst with excitement but I remained calm, she kissed my forehead and swiftly fluttered away leaving a trail of blue in her path& as I watched her fly away she gave me a glance and winked at me, she knew I believed&. I felt blessed&Happy was I in this moment..

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Rebecca Heaton 07 Dec 2009

I love the hair, and excellent detail!

Anna Marie Fritz 16 Dec 2008

Great piece of watercolor rendering!

Jennifer Callahan 03 Mar 2008

she is lovely

monique cooper 07 Nov 2006

Very Lovely!!!.. Love your color choice too!!

Francis Rivera 24 Oct 2006

Very beautiful and great use of colors! ^_^