Santa's Dilemma

I did this for my home. The names on list are all family and friends. I hang this in my home every year and always say i'm going to do another! I had to take this picture through the glass of the frame so it looks a little fuzzier than in life.

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Will Kirkland 15 Jan 2014

Randall: Your work is absolutely fantastic! Your technique is masterful. I just recently found your work through the discussion section of the site. I admire your attention to detail and realism. I too do color pencil paintings. I almost exclusively use Verithin Prismacolor pencils. I do use an alternative surface. I paint on polyester Dura-Lar film that has a matte surface on both sides. This allows application of color to both sides that allows for nice control of color. At your convenience, I would certainly welcome your comments on the work that I have posted in my portfolio on this site. I start with a light graphite drawing that I then make even lighter with a kneaded eraser. Then I begain adding color. Again I want to say how impressed I am with your work. Best regards.

Jerie kunitsky 07 Dec 2006


Anonymous Guest 07 Dec 2006

Really nice it looks so amazing for great timing of the year! Merry Christmas!

bianca 21 Nov 2006

oh my god.....RANDALL this is just SUPER adorable and talented...your work is amazing...

val wilson 21 Nov 2006

its precious Randall. I love the list of names, such a great touch.