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Misty: Collaboralchemy Art Series

This is a Collaboralchemy Art Series Artwanted Members Challenge. The idea for participating artist is to contact another artist and use their art to create new art. This may be add new elements, manipulations, or inspired art from the original art. In some cases, mulitple artists may take turns to complete a work. A wonderful idea that was posted in our forum that I hope will continue forever. I hope you like it! Out of respect for the original artist/s I will not be offering it for sale without all artist involved agreement. I am signing the work I did with all the artist names as well because it was a collaboration work. I could not have created my new work without their original work. Please let us know what you think of our works. Perhaps we can see if the webhost wil add this as a new catogory to browse works under in the future if there is enough interest. Thank you!

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Anonymous Guest

Ida Larsen 14 Jan 2007

great digital work :D

tazda lawson 02 Oct 2006

Again fantastic ....keep'em coming

Artist Reply: Thank you Tazda! I did 6 in the time I could squeeze in for the challenge. I enjoyed it alot.

Anonymous Guest 02 Oct 2006

Emily's cat is very beautil. I love what you have done with this. the purple and dark background really add a dramatic flair. Also the eyes are amazing, and the fur texture is wonderful. I would love to see that on a t-shirt, coffee mug, card, or even just as a wall print. Absolutely love this one Terry!

Artist Reply: Thank you! I should work on more cats, I know. I only have the one fat old cat at home as a subject. Need kitty photos to use for refference, so if anyone has one they are willing to let me do, like this I did, be glad to do some more cats.

Blue Doll 02 Oct 2006


Artist Reply: Thank you Blue Doll! These types of works I can do. Now working with the programs you are, make me a scareditycat. I like ones I can just start messing with and figure out on my own how to use them. Too lazy to bother with the manuals or the tutorials than a glance.

debbie collier 01 Oct 2006

Great work!!

Artist Reply: Thank you Debbie! Funky purple cats rule! LOL!