My Little Cuties!

These are my 2 gorgeous gerbils, Pinky and Perky. Ive had them for about 2 months as my others gerbils passed away in July. When I was 12 I bought 2 gerbils, Buzz and Jessie, who had 8 babies. I kept 2 of them and gave the rest to a pet shop. I named the 2 I kept Salt and Pepper lol. Salt was the last one to pass away at the age of 4 (nearly) which is excellent for a gerbil. I was really upset but still decided to get some more. My 2 new ones are just as cute and funny. It took me about 30 minutes to get these photos as they are extrememly quick lol. Hope you like them, my first real go at photograpghy lol :)

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Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest (IP: 24 Dec 2006

I'm a sucker for cute animals and this is no exception. The detail and the clarity is stunning. Top notch! - Gabriel

Artist Reply: Thnk you very much did takeme a while to get this shot lol :)

Sherri Carchia-Dailey 07 Dec 2006

These guys are adorable!

Artist Reply: Thank you for the lovely comment Sherri :)

Christina Borders 30 Nov 2006

They're so cute!! I've always wanted a pet rat myself, but these guys are adorable. :)

Artist Reply: thank you Christina..they do make cool pets! :)

julie Marks 27 Sep 2006

They are adorable. I would love one, but I think my dogs would think it was an appetizer!!

Artist Reply: lol..i had a dog and after a while she didnt really bother about them..thanks for the comment :)

Christine brand 25 Sep 2006

AAAAh, what a sweet little one. Very cute fieind you have there.