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Ten No Tasuke

Once again, a "providance" picture. I love Judai, his voice is so smooth, his actions so pure. I hate how stupid they made him in the dub. And his voice strikes me as anoying! Why couldn't they just give him a normal teenage voice? Yuugiou GX belongs to Kazuki Takahashi... or some one else, but Kazuki came up with Yuugiou so the rights most likely belong to him, but I don't know.


Anonymous Guest

T.D. Ruley 11 Mar 2007

was this done using Photoshop or was this created using Flash? Your work is awesome. I work in 3D, but I still love this style.

shelby 02 Oct 2006

oh sad,

Anonymous Guest (IP: 17 Sep 2006


Kazuma Sohma 11 Sep 2006

SO blue so awsome the color captures the emotion

Lacy Chenault 11 Sep 2006

Very cute - well done