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The Sinners Healing

In this painting I wanted to visually describe the cleansing of our sins and the righteousness that is being given to all people who believe in God's only Son, Yeshua (Jesus in English). Christ is shown here peering through the heavens shadowed by a triangle (representing the Holy Trinity). He has His holy hands raised sending upon a man (representing all who believe) His grace, sanctification, forgiveness and healing. The man is supported by demons represented by snakes because Scriptures tell us that even the demons are in subjection to Him.

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Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest (IP: 31 Jan 2017


Anonymous Guest (IP: 28 Aug 2006

As good as I remember -- certainly enjoyed viewing it again. Jan

Leo Da 28 Aug 2006

Fantastic Painting, James.

Artist Reply: Thank you for your compliment. Your animation is very interesting. Since I know nothing about how you accomplish your animation it is hard for me to make an intelligent comment.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 25 Aug 2006

Your art is excellent, Jim, and you certainly have a unique style. Glad you've posted your work on the web for all to see. They are beautiful and inspirational. Robin Westerfield

Carmen Fuchs 25 Aug 2006

Wow. =)

Artist Reply: Thank you Carmen. Your photography is great. I used to do photography also, but now just oil painting.