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this is the colored version ^^ i know, it needs a bg X_X


Anonymous Guest

Francis Rivera 17 Jul 2007

Wow! Sassy love it! ^_^

Anonymous Guest 24 Aug 2006

Ă‘eeee ke gruex! Proceed with mission!

Anonymous Guest 10 Aug 2006

Hey Melisa, this is Rebecca Tan. You finally coloured the picure in!! Lovely work as always! ^_^ Keep it up!

Cassie Chamberlain 09 Aug 2006

It does need a bg but the colouring is quite faint and I would hate for it to be drowned out- you did a good job on it! I like the hair style :)

Rebecca Tan 07 Aug 2006

YOu should also colour this one in Melisa! It would be good!! But you did a great work on the inking!! ^_^