Halls of Blind

reuploading my gallery with some of my best drawing I have done, they're not perfect, but I like them how they are. beginning with halls of blind: Little description how I got this idea: I met some blind peoples a long time ago and I was so in awe how they can see/read/feel with only their hands... close your eyes and try to see with help of your hands, not so easy as many think.... another inspiration was the song down to the halls of blind from the dargaard. Lyrics: I can see whart you see not. Visions milky than eyes rot. When you turn they will be gone whispering their hidden song. Then you see what cannot be: Shadows move where light should be. Death is their curse to the sun to walk the way they had begun. Out of darkness out of mind cast down to the halls of the blind. Reference/Model: my friend Elena, thanks so much my dear. Material: bristol board, mechanical pencil (6B), woodless pencil (9B) and for the dark areas Charcoal, paper stumps and a brush. Edit: messed a little with nose, when you look closely you will see what I mean. Perhaps I'm going to draw this again, because this one was destroyed by a fire we had in january this year, I'm still somewhat sad that especially this one was lost.

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Murat Kos 17 Jan 2009

I added you as a link in my site to appreciate your work.

jeremy duncan 28 Apr 2007

nice job,but youre freakin me out

Artist Reply: Thank you so much :) freaking you out? How so?

James Anderson 20 Sep 2006

Prettty neat! great work!

Sirene Bomplant 28 Aug 2006

wonderfull job Nina!!!

Robin McQuay 25 Aug 2006

oh wow, this is beautiful. the hand is perfect and love the lips. you're very talented!