An Alternate Way Home

(c)2006 As commuting gets more scientific and high tech,...there are bound to be even more inventions to be invented in years to come to help the poor average commuter find a faster way home. One of those inventions might become a reality in big cities. Secret underground roadways leading to points, outside the city in question, disguised as everyday manhole covers,...albeit, slightly oversized for the average manhole, but stealthy none the less. With your membership in the "Commuter's Club of America", you get your onboard GPS unit programmed to show you all the entrance points, detailed maps of all underground routes, you get your own personal handheld access remote control unit, and an emergency smoke bomb to conceal your entry during heavy traffic. Membership is only available to over worked, under appreciated, workers who don't make enough money in a year to make ends meet. So,...expect overcrowding and delays!!! hehe :O)

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Tabitha Borges 26 Jul 2006

yes own road...heh3ehgreat

Jay Amatangelo 25 Jul 2006

Very cool idea, I would love to take one of those

Ginger Lovellette 23 Jul 2006


stephanie atlee 22 Jul 2006

These days this may be the only way to get home..especially on the west coast. =)

C DeMaio 21 Jul 2006

Another great piece Greg.