End of Freeway-in color

(c)2006 Since I last drew this in b/w, I've thought of another scenerio it reminds me of. In the old west, before the arrival of white men, the native americans would use various tactics to hunt the buffalo. One tactic in particular was to stampede the buffalo toward a cliff where they would go headlong to the bottom one after another. Sometimes commuter traffic reminds me of a buffalo stampede possibly heading for some unknowm cliff ahead! :O)

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Anonymous Guest

Tabitha Borges 23 Jun 2006

hee.. you I watch Cars and I thought of you work.. this one great...

Loree Harrell 22 Jun 2006

lemmings we are and lemmings we be... great, Gregg!

Ginger Lovellette 21 Jun 2006

So colorful. Love your style!

Penny Myers 21 Jun 2006

Awesome work as always.

thea walstra 21 Jun 2006

Very much your style Gregg. Excellent work again