It is Thursday evening in an upper room where a traditional passover meal is being celebrated. After the opening prayer comes the blessing of the cup and washing of hands. This is when Jesus washes the disciples' feet. Afterwards, bitter herbs are dipped in sauce and sampled. This is when Judas Iscariot leaves to do his work. During supper some disciples speak of who is regarded as the greatest of them. Jesus turns to Simon Peter who hears some unexpected words from his Lord (Luke 22 verses 31&32). Peter's devotion and the sincerety of the deciples are known but Jesus also knows that they are not prepared for what would happen tommorrow.

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Lynnette Zulli 12 Jul 2006

Oh to look into the face of Christ and know that He will go before the Father on our behalf...covering all of our dirty little issues with His Precious Blood so God can look upon us....Oh to know that even Satan must ask permission to come in the face of God's appointed and Anointed.... The eyes are Intense the Closeness so Loving ... God Bless You Andrew as you Continue to spread the Gospel in this FRESH New style !!!

Artist Reply: thankyou Lynette for your insight and comment

Emily Reed 10 Jul 2006

Wonderfully done!

Artist Reply: thanks Emily

Chris Williams 24 Jun 2006

great words wonderful piece

Artist Reply: thanks Chris for your comment

Deborah Johnson 21 Jun 2006

So nice to see the spritual message conveyed in your work, praise be to god. And i agree that this site is stimulating. Thanks

Artist Reply: thankyou for your comment Deborah.

Christine brand 20 Jun 2006

Very impressive I like the writing to go with this...those verses still run through my head..."Yes...wouldn't evil just love to eat us raw, literally!!!...Praise God for the Holy spirit and his Son, Jesus Christ. It is wonderful to see someone doing this kind of work...may you ever be a blessing to others and safe under the Saviors wing...Sincerely CB

Artist Reply: Thankyou for your comments Christine. The drama that occured during what we call Easter week impresses differently through music, image or word and I express mine by wondering what Peter's expression was like when he heard those words.