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The Mourning

A short while back, my mother asked me to make memorial cards and write a poem to go inside the card. At first I just shook my head no... I didn't think I could do it. I didn't think I could breathe during all that, but I kept breathing... and so I made 3 samples of cards and wrote the poem. It was very difficult to say the least. The card my mother chose had a picture of an old train, with smoke coming out, rising up to the sky. My Dad loved trains... you just don't know how much he loved trains. At one point he turned our garage into a huge train city with elaborate tracks, buildings, people, trees, mountains and caves. I used to drive my hotwheels around those cities and loved it. Anyway, toward the top of the card I put a faded, waving american flag- like it was rising from the smoke. He was a dedicated veteran and also loved the american flag as much as his trains. Then at the bottom, by the tracks- I put a batch of poppy flowers- a flower often used to honor military servicemen. I read this poem at his service, my sisters at my side, with tears flowing like rivers from my eyes. I share only part of the poem with you, as the end was more personal and I spoke upward to the sky- directly to my Father. Thank you for taking the time to read it.


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 30 May 2018

Robin, I too am a poet and an artist. Something that runs in our family. I am the niece of ur dad and granddaughter of Conner, his dad. I can't seem to get a hold of you so I thought I would tell u here. U and I have a lot in common

Olga van Dijk 28 Oct 2006

What a lovely memoriam, one of the hardest things to do... But I experienced it gives a lot of relieve and comfort too... I made one (check my portfolio: Memoriam)

TheaterOfCrueltyNoh ASSAKRA 28 Oct 2006

We have read your titel poem, this brilliant of sorrow. It is a grief and the unstopable silent cry. It is impossible to get rid of it, but we do not want to get rid of it to memorial them. Art is a proceeding of our suffering.... And may be a revenge to this world... ASSAKRA

Elton Houck 17 Jun 2006

a warm heartstirring memorial.

Terry Bassett 09 Jun 2006

Beautiful words!.. deepest sympathies on your loss Robin..