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Stowing The RV

(c)2006 After that vacations over it's back to stowing away the old gas gusselling RV. And then, because of family size or safety, we get ourselves into a big SUV for the rest of the year with almost the same size engine as the old RV,...and about the same gas mileage too. Why? Why should we go from the luxuries of the motorhome to the cramped interior of the SUV? Who says you have to anyway? I say RV it all year long!!! Yeah!!! Sell the SUV and take the kids to school in the RV! Go clothes shopping and try on all the newest clothes right there in the parking lot in your RV,...then take them right back! Go to the local RV park to barbaque steaks for dinner,...or the Walmart parking lot will do! Learn to love your RV and how really practical it can be! hehe :O)

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Anonymous Guest

Steve Farr 11 Jun 2006

Great image as well as words to go with, Gregg! LOL! Super-Cool!!!!!!

Mayme Crouse 09 Jun 2006

you to durn funny.........but what novel idea....I may have to go buy an RV so many pratical uses for such transportation..............

Jay Amatangelo 07 Jun 2006

Sell the house too! Let's go all out. We can have parking lots instead of neighborhoods. Great work as always!

Loredana 07 Jun 2006

Awesome colors Love this Cartoon

Emily Reed 07 Jun 2006

Great art!