Just Countn Sheep!

(c)2006 When I've got insomnia and can't sleep,...and I'm rolling back and forth in bed, even the old tale of counting sheep is something worth grabbing for and giving it a try! But when your bedroom is wall to wall sheep,...then desperation begins to set in and you reach for something like Nyquil, some warm milk, or anything that might induce sleep! Nighty,...nite! :O)

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Loredana 07 Jun 2006

This is awesome Gregg :)

Analua 06 Jun 2006

Eh!Eh! Amazing great art!!!!! Gorgeous!!!

Jay Amatangelo 06 Jun 2006

Funny, I like it!!

thea walstra 05 Jun 2006

Very funny and excellent work Gregg.

geri pratt 05 Jun 2006

I love this! It's a riot! The expression of the sheep is priceless.