USCG Cutter Ingham William H. RaVell III

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DR LaVoie 13 Feb 2009

Hello Bill, when I finally found your gallery, I felt compelled to comment upon it. You have a wonderful style, and the detail work is awesome. I have recently purchased a copy of an art book by Geoff Hunt, painter of the Patrick O'brien novels (Master & Commander, etc.) and your work is very reminiscent of what Geoff has done on his more modern craft. I especially like the way you treat your water, great brushwork !

Artist Reply: Thank you so much. I am really honored to be compared to Geoff Hunt. His work is wonderful. Bill

Kathryn Arruda 21 Apr 2008

Powerful and classically rendered painting, you are quite the master with a brush, William!

Artist Reply: I tried to answer this and it didn't go through so here's another attempt. Your portraiture is outstanding. I am a fan of the mistreated Native American and you haved the unique ability to capture the very soul of these proud people. Bill

L.A. Spilsbury 18 Dec 2007

i just love powerful ocean paintings and this is great!

Artist Reply: A belated thank you. I appreciate your art and enjoy checking for new work.

Tanya Ray 17 Aug 2006

Your work is very well done. The power of the ocean with the wind drifts off the white caps is fantastic. I like the effects of the over spray of water and running wave off the ship. Just Fantastic!

Artist Reply: Thanks Tanya. I appreciate your feedback. Bill

Lucia Stewart 05 Jun 2006

Inspiring details, a master of your craft!!!!

Artist Reply: Thank you Lucia, I love your oil "seagull", he looks angry and ruffled - perhaps someone wouldn't give him any french fries or he just got drenched by a wave. Bill