Metaluma Moon

(c)2006 If there were an award for persistance,...then the real estate industry would win the award hands down!!! Why? Because they are already selling acres of real estate on the moon! Yes, read right,...on the moon. Who in their right mind would buy something they can't see except with a powerful telescope, can't get to (at least to stay that is!) for probably another 100 years, has no air there, no water, very little gravity, no food to eat, etc., etc., etc.!!! An easier and more sure way of owning not only the entire moon,...but everything else in creation, to love our Heavenly Father through Jesus (the Living Word!),...and He promises in the book of Ezekiel to those who overcome Anti-christ,...everything that belongs to God will belong to you as well!!! What a promise huh? I'd rather bank on God than pay some real estate person now for a few measley acres! Think about it. :O)

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Emily Reed 03 Jun 2006

Wow! Gregg, so cool!

Timothy Hughes 01 Jun 2006

Excellent scene gregg, great work

bianca thomas 01 Jun 2006

cool work......wonder if this could be made into the maze? Its awsome....

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 01 Jun 2006

your creations are fabulous, Gregg!!! love it as always!! GREAT!!!

Jay Amatangelo 01 Jun 2006

Very cool I love the detail you have in here! I don't think I will buy any land up there!