Bradley's Art

Creation of my grandson Bradley, age 10. I'm proud of his confidence and choice of bold colors. Granny loves doing art with him.


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Christine brand 27 May 2006

Dear Shelly, You definitely are are great influence on your grandson...what a great blessing for you both to create together...I love the pitcher and the frogs and toads on them...I would cherish that forever...I love the colors too....especially the yellow nice. Tell your artist, " Hello" from my nephew and I, Aaron is six and loves to create things too...have a great weekend, Shelly. I didn't think you were old enough to have a grandson. Thanks for sharing your art and a bit about yourself...Sincerely your friend CB

Lara Falcone 27 May 2006

This is really sweet! I cant wait until my own daughter is making me things like this! How fun, thanks for sharing