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24 Hours Flower

A flower for 24 hours of a cactus.I painted this in 1986/7,in my "free" time as a student.It was givven to me by my father,Aaron,who have always had the joy,to view my floral paintings...and whever ,he saw in our garden a beautiful UNIQUE flower,he would give it to me to paint,with a smile :-) those days,i was doing my design/art projects,most hours of the day and night...and...between...i painted this...Yes,Plant drawing was important part of my studies program.... Dedicated to father Aaron with LOVE :-)..... Copyrights (c)Nira Dabush

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Wes Schuelke 21 days ago

It just blooms once for 24 hours, in that year.

Vivian Allen 13 Jun 2006

This is a very beautiful painting of the cactus flower. Beautiful light colors on the petals, and I see the tiny stickers all over the stem. Your father sounds so sweet and special to give them to you with a smile for you to paint.

Deborah Martin 01 Jun 2006

I just love this work Nira!!! It is so wonderfully textured and gorgeous light crisp colours!!!!! Great to see your work again!!!!

Lisa Brewer 30 May 2006

I Love the way the texture shows on the flower .

Michael Forbus 22 May 2006

Nira, have you always had this genius for design. It is so sophisticated and beautiful, the signature is perfect. Lovely and I love it and you. Michael