"Tori " the dancing Faerie, she will lure you into her realm, with all her glory, light on her feet, swift with her magical wand, she will take you to a place far and beyond... This Faery has been featured in the new book "Watercolor Fairies"


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Jessi 16 Sep 2005

My art teacher loaned the book "Watercolor Fairies" to me a few days ago, and I came across this picture. After seeing this, I wanted to take a look at more of your work. It's truly awesome. I never knew you could do so much with watercolors. Not after all the times I've tried to use them in class. The detail in this painting, and in your other paintings, is amazing. Shows me how wrong I was about watercolors. ^ ^

Shannon Reinbold-Gee 29 Aug 2005

Very cute. Add a little drama/dynamic by hollowing her back a little more--curve her especially right above the hip, and define the lower region of the rib cage--a tiny concave curve before the slight rounding of the belly. Those would be my only suggestions. Other than that she's adorable.

Emilie Dionne 15 Apr 2005

Great work !! The pose and the colors are fantastic !

katy sigle 11 Dec 2004

this goergeous, great flow and movement.

kristie taylor 09 Aug 2004

so pretty and whimsical!! i love the way you do faces!! I'm in awe!!:)