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Nicotine Addiction

8 1/2X 11 Pen and ink cartoon about America's favorite past time....smoking a cigarette

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Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 05 Apr 2014

You’ve spoken true words afriimfng that you (and we) have what employers need. I, too, served in the military. As a matter of fact, I retired honorably from the U.S. Air Force in 1997 after serving 24 years…and had a job waiting for me with a Defense Contractor. However, being laid off FROM that job 2 years later was not what I expected, AT ALL. I learned, the hard way, that the transition does not end once you’ve found a job on the “outside”. But being laid off only reaffirmed that not only did I have what employers wanted, but that I HAVE SOMETHING MORE ! I had, and HAVE a deeply ingrained, well taught outlook I received FROM the military that applies even though I’ve been out of the military nearly 12 years ! What more ? Same as you…and all of us. Oh, YES ! You’ve GOT what it takes ! Now TAKE what you’ve got.…and use it! Find out how I used it by clicking on the “Oguthrie” URL, below.

Nira Dabush 26 Jun 2008

Brilliant work... so cleverly FUN, Lawrence... wonderful sense of humor, pal.

Anonymous Guest 09 Jun 2007

These are cute. I love em!

Amy Jordan 01 Feb 2007

you have a GREAT imagination. :) love your style and sense of humor!

Vera Harned 23 May 2006

Cute! Lawrence Super work