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Butterfly Dreams

Dedicated to My Sister Mary Lou Cupp who has been an inspiration to me over the years...I call her "Iron Butterfly" because she is so fragile yet so strong...taken from the Band "Iron Butterfly"...I wish I could be more like her...she has mastered many areas of life I still strive to attain. It is her Birthday May First and I wanted to share that with you. We are Sisters and like all sisters grew up with our differences but, through it all we have learned from each other. Mary told me about the movie the "Butterfly Effect" last year and so in honor of her and that movie I tried to create something beautiful...this was started last year and the thought of it was conceived of then...I am not really finished with this piece but, I wanted to post it anyway. It took allot of hours because it was created in just a basic Microsoft Paint Program and Phto Editor...only my second purely didgital work, the tools used were minimal...It may not be as perfect or as glossed as other of your more advance works of art in digital programs...but it was created for My Sister. Happy Birthday Mary!!! Mary also has studied art and phtography and has some submissions on this site...if you would take the the time to look at her work I am sure she would be thrilled...Love Chris

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Anonymous Guest

Bo Huffman 16 Feb 2010

Your very amazing,just like this piece of great work ,i always enjoy reading your great thoughts,thanks for sharing a great peace of art......Bo

Mary Ashton 14 May 2008

Beautiful butterfly dreams Christine, magical work. Lovely to hear from you again. I hope you are well. Take care. Mary

Cathy Holford 05 May 2008

So enchanting!

Artist Reply: dream a little dream with me!!!

Gavin North 21 Apr 2008

This is simply amazing Christine, love your use of bold color and movement, excellent work

Brandon Breedlove 21 Apr 2008

wow! great image. and, great title. as i think you may know - i believe the title is one of the most important parts of a peice. i love this one.

Artist Reply: Greetings Brandon! It was very kind of you to comment on my work. I am glad that you like this image. IT TOOK ME AROUND 6 MONTHS TO DO THIS IMAGE. My hand hurt after, hehehe! I guess, it was because I was using the Basic Microsoft Paint Program. It did not have any fancy brush strokes or manipulations, just crude lines that needed to be blended with the smudge tool, the only way to mix the colors. I did not do a preliminary sketch either. Kind of created this as I went. Not many comment on this image, so I was pleased that it caught your eye. It was wonderful to share a monemt with you. I hope all goes well with you there and you get to come back home soon. Lots of Love CB