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Sorry it's been so long since I last uploaded here on artwanted; kinda been on the back burner with all the work I've had to do lately. Anyways, this is my character Dark, from Hollow Souls. No, he doesn't actually have wings. None of my characters in Hollow Soul's are angels. This is a figuritive picture; the wings are metaphorical to his loss of innocence. His story, as with the rest of my characters, will all eventually unfold when I'm able to put more time in the graphic novel. [www.hollowsouls.com] Special thanks to my beloved for helping me get the pose right. X_X You make a great model, darling. (Inspired by the song "I wish I had an angel" by nightwish.

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tim linville 31 Dec 2007

I like the flow of the pose,Lauren!Definitely the hero type!