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Squeak's Eye

Squeak is my darling cat... and this project is very near and dear to my heart. I'll try to make a long story short - but Squeak's story should be told! When I was a teen back on the farm, I had a friend that lived a mile or so away from me, and we always rode horses together. One night, he called and asked me to come up for a visit, so I rode my horse, Ed, up to his house. When I arrived, he showed me this horribly sick kitten... literally on death's door... the runt of the litter, almost starving to death and sick... :( It was so sad - but his family wouldn't let him try to save her (they were "farm" cats - not "pets"). So he begged me to do something - try to save her... so I carried her home on my horse. I didn't even think she'd survive the ride home, and when my mom saw her that night for the first time she had to look away and cry, the dying kitten looked so sad and miserable. But, against the odds, she survived the night... and I slowly bottle-fed her back to health. I named her "Hope" - in "Hope" she would survive... but when she got healthier, we realized that she had a very distinct "meow" - more like a meow minus the "m" and the "ow" - so just an "EEE" - and hence, the name "Squeak" stuck! She likes voicing her opinion and her love, always in her non-meowing squeaky voice. She's now nearing senior age, and is doing great despite her rough start to life. This art was done based on Squeak looking out our window - with vertical blinds... hence the interesting reflection! It's the first time I've created art based on my own pets... it was a challenge indeed! :)

"Squeak's Eye" is an original work (2.5" x 3.5") in Scratchboard, with Acrylic Paint. The technique involves scratching with an X-acto knife, and painting, numerous layers of each. Very fun, but sometimes time consuming! I have completed a tutorial for this technique (using "Cat's Eye II"), so if you are interested in seeing it, step by step from start to finish, click here!

This card is NOT FOR SALE (Artist's Private Collection) - to view other cards for sale at ArtCardsWanted.com - click to view Christina's store!

ALL NEW! Prints are now available of "Squeak's Eye!" - visit Christina's ACW store above for more information. The cards are limited to a signed and numbered edition of only 45 - so get yours today!

Thanks to everyone who views or comments on this image - I appreciate it greatly - and I must say I'm having a lot of fun creating these ATC's/ACEO's!

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Anonymous Guest

Johnna Crider 11 Sep 2006

You are wonderful for saving Squeak. And the art is really beautiful. They look like real photographs.

Christine brand 11 Jul 2006


Crystal Basta 11 Jul 2006

beautiful and I really liked reading Squeak's story. I love your other scratchboards too..heading over to your tutorial now.

Kathryn Arruda 04 Jun 2006

I am so impressed with the degree of realism achieved with scratchboard & acrylic, this is stunning!

edem jimbo 31 May 2006

wow very beautiful.................this is amazing