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Signs there all around us some as plain as daylight others are hidden with secret messages..look before you leap or make that left or right turn

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Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 05 Apr 2014

I'm hoping MS will not do silly abrtcast ads with no clear direction like one seen for the palm pre. They should at the very least copy the main idea behind apple's there is an app for that campaign and show what the device can do or how can it do better than the competition in clear ways people can understand and see. I hope they stay away from Gates and Seinfeld-like encoded messages or too much teasing without substance since no normal people care or were actually waiting for this device IMO they need to come out showing off what they can do, stop assuming people will think anything good just because it has a windows logo, and drive the message home in 30 seconds or less of why I'd want this phone over an iphone android. While cool, something like this dessert ad in an actual TV campaing would be the equivalent of flushing money down the drain.

John Cappello 19 Oct 2013


Henrique Serra 02 Jun 2008

very creative and imaginative work . . great result ..

Brendon Jarrell 30 May 2008

Never seen eanything like this before. Interesting concept!

Roshanda Burtscher 08 May 2008

Your work is amazing!