The Road Less Traveled

I didn't know how long of a walk it was gonna be when I began my adventure on "The Road Less Traveled" or if I was ever going to get a lift or even if I knew where I would end up.I had been walking for what seems hours without a single car going by in either direction.In fact I hadn't seen anyone in their backyards or even out and about either.Someone advised me to follow the road less traveled and see where it took me.I was on vacation had a few bucks on me and almost $58.00 available on one of my credit cards and thought "It's time for an adventure" I don't know where I'm going but I know where I've been.


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B.A. Davison 07 Jul 2014


Maddison Jamison 21 Mar 2006

Like the story and the feel this image portrays in relation to your story. Reminds me of Virginia where I was born.

Loredana 22 Feb 2006

Nice work Lenny

Linda Bertiaux 21 Feb 2006

excellent work! Great composition.