Kerry's Piñata

Another glimpse into the Florence Bienalle,Dec 05.Two photos.This is the GREAT sculptor,Kerry Cannon,from Australia,posing naturally and spontaneously with his Bronze Camel,Piñata. Candies are in the stomach of this AWESOME camel,in the form of bronze hearts with the inscription: "Everything reduces to", on one side of the heart, and "CHAOS" on the other side of the heart. Link to Kerry Cannon's site : Piñata - Copyrights (c)Kerry Cannon

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Emily Reed 16 Feb 2006

How charming and enchanting!!!

Vivian Allen 15 Feb 2006

You're right. This is an awesome bronze camel! I love the detail in his art!

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 05 Feb 2006

Hell Nira! Isn't this an amazing piece of bronzework. What a great time you must have had looking at all the amazing artwork!

Gina G 05 Feb 2006

Fabulous work!! This would be interesting to see at

Sondra Ertzberger 05 Feb 2006

WOW! fantastic craftman ship :)