Back To The Moon

(c)2006 Should we go back to the moon? If you gave me a choice between a permanently manned spacestation, or permanently manned moonbase,...I'd take the moonbase everytime! Why? One big reason, won't come crashing down on our heads someday. We haven't learned our lesson from skylab or from the Russians with their Mir station. Besides, if we want space to do low gravity research experiments,...why not build huge underground labs on the moon that would be more like occupying the south pole. And best of all,...the lessons learned there could be put into effect for colonizing Mars, or the moons of Jupiter. Just an opinion.

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Anonymous Guest

stephanie atlee 25 Jan 2006

Wow...very cool

thea walstra 25 Jan 2006

Great style and imagery.

Emily Reed 25 Jan 2006

How cool! Well done. Luv it.


Very imaginative work, Gregg.

Joke Schotting 25 Jan 2006

Great pencil work,Gregg!!