As I said in my main bio info... I first started drawing again in May 2004, after nearly 20 years of not picking up a pencil. This drawing was the first one I did. It was done to cheer up a friend when she was feeling down :). It was a true pleasure to draw this and realize that I was still capable. LOL, of course when I look at it now... my fingers itch to re-do it with proper shading, etc. Enjoy!

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Anonymous Guest

Analua 16 Jan 2006

So marvelous work Colleen!!!!

Lindy van den Bosch 16 Jan 2006

Good work, hands are hard to draw!

Leah Jaarveth 16 Jan 2006

This is great work!!! After not drawing for so long, this is so awesome :)

Carliss Mora 16 Jan 2006

WWH indeed! I'd know those fingers anywhere! You know you're one heck of an artistst! I know I do!

Greg Joens 15 Jan 2006

nice pencil work.. this is a great exercise