Pastel Plane

Measures 16 x 12 inches Can you see how many ladies are in this Painting? 20" x 16". This Artwork is inspired by a state of mind or a state of being ...A more subtle plane of existence....

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Anonymous Guest

bianca thomas 22 Jan 2006

AWSOME I LOVE THIS DEBORAH...are u from Tasmania...????????????????????i used to go to Tasmania to Casino many moonds ago........

Renata Cavanaugh 19 Jan 2006

I love those colors....Lovely design

Heidi Olson 18 Jan 2006

Lovely work Deb! I love that twistyblue knot..looks like a delicate little corn-husk doll! Beautiful again!

Elton Houck 18 Jan 2006

very good...great texture and color delight

Emily Reed 17 Jan 2006

Lovely soft pastels.