It's Raining Cars And Trucks!

(c)2006 We often say during a hard rain that it's raining cats and dogs. Let's just get to the real heavy stuff, like this last week here in Northern California, and say it's raining cars and trucks! hehe


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Thomas Broadfoot 10 Jan 2006

Give me Acid Rain any day less painful while trying to run between the drops..... :-).... Wonderful work as usual

Tabitha Borges 08 Jan 2006

I love your cars I can alway hear The Car song by Peter, Paul, and Mary when I look at them.. There so great....

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 08 Jan 2006

love the work, it's GREAT and very good text!!!

thea walstra 07 Jan 2006

Very funny and excellent work Gregg