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This Parking Is For The Birds

(c)2005 Since the advent of the automobile, demand for good roads and good parking has been synonymous. Roads around the world seem to be improving while the development of better parking has degraded! But it has gone unnoticed because of the dominance of the compact car. Does anyone remember angled parking, the old downtown areas? Yes, in many areas it still exists, but for the most part it's been replaced by cubside parking. And many new parking lots are now painted with a single line between parked vehicles, instead of the old double lines which allowed more space for doors to open without hitting your neighbors car. It seems the only premium parking left is reserved for the handicapped. (no slur intended)


Anonymous Guest

Thomas Broadfoot 05 Jan 2006

Excellent work as usual

Deborah Martin 03 Jan 2006

Wonderful and comical Work....Great and original observation!!!

thea walstra 03 Jan 2006

Funny and excellent work as always

Emily Reed 03 Jan 2006

Aw, so cute! You know I love these!!!

monique cooper 03 Jan 2006

LOL... i wish it was that easy!!!.. Great details!!!