Old World

Copyright 2005 Colleen Dawson. This drawing was done as a birthday present for a friend of mine to give to her mom. The boy and girl are her mom's mom and dad. The pictures that I worked from did not have the detail that I usually like to have in the photos I use, the eyes were blurry and I couldn't make out some of the clothing detail. I was very happy with how this turned out. Thanks for checking it out everyone :).

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Anonymous Guest

linda lindall 23 Mar 2006


Kevin Lambeth 12 Jan 2006

Have definatly caught the old world charm with this drawing

Terry Bullard 03 Jan 2006

great job, you still did an awesome job even without the lack of detail from the photo!

Carliss Mora 02 Jan 2006

How alluring. Old pics, and clothing people wore in them, always fascinates me. I think this picture is wonderful!

Jonathan Harris 31 Dec 2005

good job