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Hopscotch Lane

(c)2005 If someone were to press that dream button again,...then the right hand lane on the freeway would, from now on, be designated the "Hopscotch Lane"! Only large trucks, buses and motorhomes would be exempt. Why? Because it would make the freeway a lot more fun! Later they could put in "The Mother May I" lane, and "The Jacks" lane. You realize that we already have "Redlight" setup at the offramps. hehe (another friends idea)


Anonymous Guest

stephanie atlee 27 Dec 2005

Give new meaning to the Hov lane...i love it

Mayme Crouse 26 Dec 2005

my miata would have a blast..............good idea..hehe

Emily Reed 25 Dec 2005

Aw that chubby car is doing its thing, I love how it hops LOL.

Joke Schotting 25 Dec 2005

Great as always,Gregg!!

Analua 25 Dec 2005

So fun!!! Great details Gregg!!!