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Illustration for Wired Magazine Feb 2006 Issue

Freelance job for an Advertising Agency, Studeo Interactive Direct.They are located here in Utah...Studeo wanted an image to look like it was an actual video game...Due to legal issues etc.. They didn't want to use an actual game so I faked one....The goal was to create a digital image, simulating a video game screen shot ..Not a digital painting/illustration but what we would see if they were 3d models etc..No 3d models were used just photoshop magic...This image will appear in a Global Magazine Advertisement for Studeo......... It will be featured in Wired Magazine..February 2006 issue.on page 152.... "COMING SOON LEE PHUNG SKETCHBOOK for sale!!!"


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Gautam Thoidingjam 01 Mar 2006

Great Work!!!

Stu Smith 03 Dec 2005

you mean I can't buy and play this game yet? Rats.Foiled again.

Tyler Warren 02 Dec 2005

Very sweet!