The Museum of the future. How would the ideal of beauty affect us?

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John Enright 21 Dec 2005

so tru

Steph Salt 03 Dec 2005

Great work Asoka, but this beauty you can keep for your self. LOL! I love your ability, but not your idea of beauty if he is your ideal LOL! I love his music, but thank goodness for his #@&uality! LOL! Syrup of fig anyone? :D

Artist Reply: Hi Art friend! It´s not my ideal of beauty! I get the idea from his fake hair(!), and how people gonna look at him and other statues in teh future. All perfect, with hair, big tits and lovely lips...and no one now they are all you get it?

Leroy Drumm 30 Nov 2005

This is great !! I love your work!!!

sharon hendrickson 30 Nov 2005

A great concept and interesting meld of the one and only Elton John :) I wonder what he would think of this ? Wonderful mood and well designed work !!~******~!!

Analua 29 Nov 2005

Awsome and great work Asoka!!!!