Cinderella's Dress - All gone wrong!

Couldn't resist this design. I wondered what would happen if the fairy godmother hadn't been quite so efficient. Would Cinderella still have gone to the ball? Just a bit of fun, I am sure she'd still would have ended up with the prince. :-) Tradigital Artwork Copyright 2005 Sybille Sterk

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Michael Easter 31 Jan 2009

you really aut to pursue these - i really believe these could go some where for you!!!

Nascimento Sergio 28 Dec 2005

surreal clothes, amazing composition I very like.

Kukua Akumanyi 21 Dec 2005

Ahh that is very preety and very cool. I sure she would have ended up with the prince it's a happy ever after... Beautiful!

Vishwas Suryawanshi 18 Dec 2005

very nice.

Elton Houck 16 Dec 2005

great work...