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Light From Above

For my friend CB. This shot was taken of some extremly back lit weeds one cold early morning. No filters added except a little sharpening.

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Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest (IP: 04 Jul 2006

Hi! This is truly one of my favorites - the beauty in the simple things - so many miss this because they are too caught up in other things - I love it - so wonderful!

Charlotte Ottilo 03 Dec 2005

One could not add more than what Christine has already said. Craig you are a wonderful "Man of Faith" and I have great respect for you!

Christine brand 04 Nov 2005

Just the other day I was out walking my Beagle Bandit and thought how lovely the fields are even now...some see the glory as gone. They do not find beauty in wild withered weeds as they lose their is like that too when time takes our youth away... Perhaps a cold morning Craig...but the hue is that of warm baked bread...soft like that of the fawns coat. Quiet hints of green and highlights of sifted gold linger here. A phto like this is even more wonderful for you have seen the graceful gift of light where many would scoff. I love this phto because it is exactly what I was thinking a few days ago...and here you have held it up in celebration. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and visions and is a kind and considerate comfort to know others treasure things such as this. Excellent! Man of Faith...there are few that hold the truth as near as you.

Andrew Trask 03 Nov 2005

This is beautiful, you could not have caught the light better...excellent..

Stephen Hughes 03 Nov 2005

There is beauty even in simple things. Great work!