Anatomie D'une Larme (Anatomy Of A Tear)

Digital Artwork

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Anonymous Guest (IP:

Anonymous Guest (IP: 04 Nov 2009

I love this picture. It is so beautiful. You can just get lost in it. You have wonderful work. It is nice to talk again.

Andrew Hunter 17 Apr 2007

wow dawn excellent

Christine brand 23 Mar 2006

Hey! It was Great to hear from you...gave me a good excuse to come and see this...I am always amazed at the imgination of the artistic endeavors here on this site...Especially this one...It is creations like this that makes me appreciate the free forms of life and the mind... and the journeys they can take. Like wonderous womenly water spirit in a river of silent thoughts...pouring out it's soul and life in a flood of endless emotion...moving in liguid layers of mysterious intelligence...I have entered the unknown and I can not know it but I do know it is like something that lived before me inside of me and in every one ...especially... all female divinty...Incredible work...I love the colors and the highlights and the forms...captivating and alluring...this holds the heart gently...Thanks for commenting on my last pales next to this...Have a great day Dawn...I enjoyed viewing your work. I hope all is well with you...Sincerely CB

Artist Reply: Christine, THANK YOU once again, for such an inspiring, beautiful, uplifting comment. Your words never cease to amaze me or touch me. You are as much of a poet as you are an artist. You truly have such a gift with words and with touching people. Again, thank you so very, very much. It's comments like yours that keep me going ... Dawn

Leroy Drumm 08 Nov 2005

Wonderful abstract!! you are a very talented Lady. I enjoy your work very much!!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 29 Oct 2005

very pretty,