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My portrait ,One year Old,By Israel

This drawing is a portrait of myself at the age of one year.Was done in 1965,by Israeli artist,Israel,his name...who was a friend of my parents,during that time...actually he became a decorator later.......AS far as I know,this drawing was done from a photo...not sure I have the photo.This work was not a commissioned work ,by my parents,but it was done with their approval,of - course.. ...In the bottom ,there's a photo of myself at the age of 2 years old,taken by a photographer....Who made really wonderful series of photos,commissioned by my parents. For the purpose of SHARING. Copyrights (c)Nira Dabush

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Ron Bedsole 20 Jun 2018

nice job

Kerra Lindsey 31 Dec 2006

good job getting those dark hues---they take a lot of work to get those dark-darks, don't they? -Kerra

Sherrie Kostura 01 Jan 2006

What a sweet, sweet drawing. He even drew your hair sticking up in places! It's wonderful that your parents kept this drawing for you.

Vivian Allen 10 Nov 2005

Israel loved you and did a wonderful drawing. What a beautiful little girl you were with such a sweet smile and those happy child eyes.

Dawn Bigford 26 Oct 2005

Oh, so cute