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I have been a practitioner of the martial arts for over fifteen years,Escrima and Kenpo, this pic was taken by a fellow student whom I refer to as my brother, this depics the art of Escrima which is a partiicularly brutal art and takes a huge commitment and a full understanding that you will get hurt more often than not because my Master does not believe in using much protective gear, I was so badly bruised at one point that I had to write a letter to my childs school because I didn't want them to think a being abused by my husband! I made sure to wear long sleeved shirts so the kids wouldn't be scared. The art of Escrima requires froficiency in all bladed weapons, stick batons and empty hand fighting. grappling, chokes, and submission also. Im forever grateful and humbled by the gracious nature of my masters, I have a loving relationship with both Grandmaster Bert Labitan and Grandmaster Ernesto Hernandez, two people whom impacted my life and have expressed their unconditional love for me. thank you for allowing me to share this side of my life with all my AW friends.

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Tim Linville 28 Mar 2014

Yep...Katy's a Badass as Well,as Artist.It's Hard Not To Say You Are a Beautiful Lady.So,I Have To :)

Ramaz Razmadze 25 Apr 2013


patrick hodson 30 May 2008

great photograph,i've only dabbled with Escrima (self taught,badly self taught.)as there are no schools in my area. I do hold a 1st dan in freestyle Karate and i love to experiment with all styles. well done, keep ya guard up, Pat.

Steve Farr 17 Mar 2006

Excellent capture of the essence of that which is you, Katy!!!

Gautam Thoidingjam 13 Feb 2006

Oh!! Wow what an action!!!! Great you are Katy!!!!!