Cowboy Finds a Snake in Pants

Pop, pop! Bang, bang! An angry cowboy finds a snake in his pants. "Git outta my britches you filthy varmit!" 2.5x3.5" acrylics on watercolor paper Oct2005 "Ssssay SSSssslim, ssstop sshooting. You might hurt sssomebody."

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Anonymous Guest

Christine brand 28 Oct 2006

ooo hehehe...that is so well you know...hehehe!

gregg dutcher 01 Sep 2006

Bet he wishes his snake was the same size as the intruder,...hehehe!!! --great cartoon--

Anonymous Guest 09 Nov 2005

Shimon says: you have a deliciously wicked sense of humor - kids will love it.

heliopo Heliopo 03 Nov 2005

amorous adventure :o)) *Bang Bang

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 09 Oct 2005

Ha! Ha! Ha! Really funny Suzanne! I love this one. Brilliant picture! Great stuff!